Governing documents and reports

Below you can find documents and reports connected to Hope Uganda Fundraising foundation and our supported projects. We want to be completely transparent with our sponsors and potential sponsors therefore we always try to publish as much as possible connected to our work.

  • dokumentFoundation charter:
    This is the document the founders of Hope Uganda Fundraising foundation issued on how the foundation should work and the aim of the foundation.

    Click here to read (Document in Swedish)

  • dokumentBy-laws:
    This is the document showing how the founders want the foundation to be managed. The document states how the board should operate, how funds should be managed and how the foundation ahould be accounted.

    Click here to read (Document in Swedish)

  • dokumentFinancial handbook:
    This is a document showing in more detail how the the foundation should be managed. The document cover many aspects of the work we perform. From how to handle conflict of interest to follow-up the paid support.

    Under construction. Will be published as soon as ready

  • dokumentHope Uganda one-pager:
    This is a document summarizing the work we are doing in a singel page. The one-pager contain information about the foundation and how you can support our work. Distribute the one-pager among friends and family when you talk to them about the foundation.

    Click here to read and to download

  • dokumentTerms and conditions:
    This is the terms and conditions applied between Hope Uganda and our sponsors. In this document you can find some descriptions about Hope Uganda and our liabilities as well as how you can pay for your sponsorship and what you can expect from your sponsorship.

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