Hope Preparatory School

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Hope Preparatory School is a Pre – and Primary School located in Kabale Town, Uganda. The school is for orphans and vulnerable children that could never have the chance to get education. At this time around 270 children are helped and most of them stays at school during both nights and days. Including the project the children gets education, food and nutrition, shelter, medical care if needed and support for being a child. The needs are individual based and they try to meet what each child needs.

Hope School2

The school is divided in two sections: Pres section and Primary section. Baby, Middle and Top Class make up Pre section. It follows by Primary 1 up to Primary 7. That´s makes it a complete Pre- and Primary school.

Hope School

Girls and boys sleep separate. Above is a picture of the house for girls and boys sleep behind. All children get what they need here e.g. beds, blankets, towels, tooth brushes and paste, clothes and social support. It’s a big family and they are sleeping together with some School mothers and the guard are protecting them during day and night time.

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The teachers are all qualified Primary Teachers. Hope Preparatory School is working with the Ugandan Guidence of Primary Schools in Uganda and are regurlary checked by people from the ministry of education. They visit every term to make sure the process in school are in line with Ugandas Education regulations. Read more by clicking on the link to Ministry of Education in Uganda: http://www.education.go.ug/

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Almost all children come from different villages around Kabale Town. Some children are from other districts. They have experienced hard life situations and are either orphans, neglected or very needy. Low self-esteem for the children is very common. Mostly because of the difficult background stories. Therefore the Staff and teachers have to work hard to make the children believe they can and make them understand they are worth everything on this earth just like someone else.

We can proudly tell you it has not been easy but you can really see a change and a difference in the children. Some of them don’t want to have School break and that’s a good sign of feeling comfortable and happy at School and at the Campus.

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