Why support Hope Uganda?

We at Hope Uganda believes that Education is the key for individuals to overcome poverty and is the key for a country to develop. You can find some of the latest statistics of Uganda’s situation today below. We want to change this percentages in right direction, we are therefore focusing on education for next generation.

Multidimensional Poverty

Just over 70 % of Uganda’s population is living under multidimensional poverty and around 21% are near multidimensional poverty. Multidimensional poverty is a measurement of poverty whereby you use different indicators, more than just money, e.g. years of schooling, nutrition, standard of living, health.

Gender inequality

31% Inequality between men and women in education.
27 % Inequality between men and women in income.

Child labour

Around 25% of all children between an age of 5 to 14 are working.


Mean years of schooling is just over 5 years but children are expected to study 11 years by Uganda’s curriculum
Only 16 % of the population above 25 years have graduated from Secondary School
Close to 75% of all students in Primary School are drop-outs. Main reasons are: lack of scholastic materials, loss of parents, early pregnancies, caring for sick relatives etc.

Information source: Human Development Index made By United Nations Development Programme and Attendance Patterns and Causes of Dropout in Primary Schools in Uganda by Makerere University

By supporting Hope Uganda you…

… create a basis for the children to be able to support themselves in life
… help to give children the opportunity to influence and change their country in a positive way
… help to improve communities with parenting and raising up next generation
… promote the child’s personal development as well as improving his/her social situation locally and globally
… rescue and rebuild disadvantage lives
… change lives together with us


We are sure we can prevent, change and improve the situation together with you by giving Hope through education