About Hope Uganda Projects

Hope Uganda Projects is the local organization that the Swedish non-profit organization Hope Uganda supports. All the money donated to Hope Uganda is directly transferred to Hope Uganda Projects and we work closely with the local oganization to secure that your donation is used in the best way and really makes a difference for the needy children.

Below you can read the story of Didas Nuwamanya, who is a founder of Hope Uganda Projects as well as Co-founder at Hope Uganda and information about the local orgnization and the future.

It all began…


“I, Didas was orphaned by HIV/AIDS at a tender age of 5 years when my mother passed away. Because of my mothers different partners in the same time, it became difficult for me and the rest of other people to determine my Real father. As here in Africa it’s still hard to determine the DNA I could not proove my biological connections neither my so called father.

I was left alone with my Grandmother but my hope was almost gone. In the coming time my grandmother passed away and I was totally alone in a big world. But, as a Lake Bunyonyi (Lake in South-Western Uganda) native, I opted to start a new direction in my life as a Canoe operator on Lake Bunyonyi. As luck could have it for me, I met an Overlander, called Dr Keith Waddell, who used my Canoe, visited me and was overwhelmed by the story after seeing me and seeing the situation I was left in. He opted to sponsor my education up to University,
to give a true definition to my life.

I have now left the other worldly pleasures to support the orphans at Hope Uganda Projects, a duty that touches my heart the most. ”

– Founder Didas Nuwamanya

Now and how it started

Didas Nuwamanya graduated from Makerere University Business school (MUBS) as an Accountant in 2010. Two years after he registered Hope Uganda Projects as an organization.

He wanted to help others in the same situation he had been in before and pay back some of the opportunities he was given for free from his sponsor. He went back to where he was born, Lake Bunyonyi (South-Western Uganda) and he started helping some few orphan and needy children with education, impacting them with hand skills, food and by giving them love. This Hope Child Centre was the start and the organization has since then grown bigger.

Today we are running a project – Hope Preparatory school (HPS) based in Kabale Town. Didas has good knowledge about the local people and their communities which helps the projects to meet what an orphan child needs in life. As an orphan himself he knows how to handle this kind of children and the different cases we meet every day. It has as well helped us in meeting our primary objective of helping: orphans and vulnerable children by impacting them with skills through education for the better future from the ground.

It’s all based on monthly sponsorships for individual children and Donations willingly from all kind people all over the world.