Hope Uganda - Foundation
works with communities to nurture, protect and provide life changing scholarships to children around National parks in Uganda so children can learn, grow, and thrive.

Your Donations and Sponsorships Change lives.

We are sure we can prevent, change and improve the situation together with you by giving Hope through education

Primary Student Sponsorship

By sponsoring a student in one of Hope Uganda’s primary schools (US grades K-7), you are helping provide a first-rate education, two meals a day, access to clean water, school uniforms, books, school supplies, sanitary napkins, vaccinations, and free or low-cost healthcare for students and their caregivers.

Secondary Student Sponsorship

By sponsoring a secondary or vocational student (US grades 8-12), you’ll provide the same resources that are available to all primary students, in addition to boarding, lodging, and career prep services.