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Hope Uganda-Foundation works with communities and locals around National parks in Uganda to provide comprehensive care for vulnerable children.

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Society policy

We advocate for positive progress at the local and state levels – pursuing policy and systems change to prioritize healthy childhood development

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We build and equip schools with classroom:
teachers, resources, and vocational training so children can access education and new opportunities

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We provide sufficient access to nutritious food clean water, shelter, clothing, and ongoing medical care so a child’s most basic needs

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We assist Grandmothers in caregiving counsel victims of violence, and train teachers in psychosocial support so children develop strong relationships.

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We help Grandmothers increase earnings and we combat sexual and domestic violence so communities are strong and able to protect each child.

We’re audacious in our commitment to surround community children with a complete support system. Because every child deserves all basic human rights, love, and care. Our model is rooted in social ecological theory, and we seek to impact every aspect of a child’s development.