We believe that education and knowledge is the key for development and to improve peoples’ living conditions. Therefore we provide education for our next generation so they can leave poverty and be part of that development. We strive to reach the most vulnerable. Our focus is to bring hope into reality through education for the neediest. We would love to see all children in the world having an equal opportunity to education.

Hope Uganda’s five pilars

– Next generation is our future: The fruits of tomorrow are the seeds of today.

– Education is the key out of poverty: We believe that the knowledge you gain from education gives the individual power to change his or her life. We believe in changing the individuals’ life through education. Knowledge is power.

– Local change leads to global change: We believe that a society is built on people that are able to change their own lives, their environment and their future with the right tools. Change comes from people. We do therefore focus on making a change from the roots of a society; The people.

– Personal connection: We want to keep the personal feeling between the donors/sponsors and the children/people helped. We want you as a donor to know that the support has reached us and the supported local project and has been appreciated. We do therefore send many updates per year both individually from the sponsored children and generally from us and the local project.

– Transparency: We always strive for using the money for the right cause and to reduce administration cost. We want to spend as much money as possible on ground and for the children/people we help.

The vision for the local project in Uganda goes hand in hand with the vision for the Swedish foundation since we work very close.
Today the HOPE family mainly consist of sponsors that came in contact with the local organization during travels in Uganda. We are now working to increase the HOPE family with new sponsors because we want to be able to give more children a chance to an education and a life away from poverty. If you’re a sponsor you can help us by spreading the word. If you’re not a sponsor, please read about the projects and the local organization and then we HOPE you will join the family.